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Still Artificial

If Artificial Intelligence ever achieves complexity to rival human then we will be contemplating which one is superior. Maybe, we will be forced to reconsider our beliefs should it become clear that humans’ own creation is more intelligent. Or, else, we might be tempted to play God with AI. Thankfully, none of these outcomes are …


Photography has been my hobby for a while.
Friends and family can find some of the better shots of mostly children here.

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A selection of my short YouTube cartoon-ish creations. Do enjoy.
(Fair warning: Many of these are R rated for sure.)

Cartoons by Sergey Bloom

Business Intelligence

It’s about businesses being intelligent – as in less stupid.
I’ve been involved with BI for years.

Here is a simple 3 step roadmap to BI:

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For more, visit my business website:

Business Intelligence by Sergey Bloom, Datagen.com, Inc.