Well, This Must Mean The Democracy Is Still Working

Trump got trumped.

While I am worried about the communist-sounding rhetoric from some on the left and terrified of Antifa, I am disgusted with Trump.

Talk about getting stuck between a rock and a hard place…

America has been radicalizing itself for years. Left and right fringes have only been intensifying their rivalry. I don’t know which side has the most destructive power, but I know that destruction is not the solution no matter who does it.

Starting fights is easy. Stopping them is not.

The fact that the conservative-leaning Supreme Court with three of the justices chosen by Trump himself shut down the baseless attempt to block the ballots of millions of voters in the 2020 presidential election is encouraging.

I hope this decision will not be interpreted as either a “win” for the left or a “loss” for the right. Democracy is supposed to include both, doesn’t it?

Trump brought this upon himself. He went too far.

Should the left decide to go as far the other way, Democracy should reign them in just the same.

Let’s hope this Supreme Court decision is the first step towards everybody keeping a cool head.

God bless America.

The Supreme Court rejected the presidential election results challenge.

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