Retro-Looking Clock Is A Piece Of Retro-Looking Crap Despite Good Amazon Reviews

( Product image for Lily’s Home Vintage/Retro Inspired Analog Alarm Clock, Red 5.5” | via Amazon )

Just another reason not to trust reviews

We wanted a simple – no frills, not connected, not smart – old fashioned alarm clock. I was trying to find one with a retro flare. I suppose a wind-up clock would be as retro as it gets, but that’s going back too far.

So, this one seemed alright and the reviews, for the most part, seemed ok.

I reviewed this alarm clock on Amazon.


First, the legs started to loosen. Later, the legs just unscrewed themselves. I could screw them back in, but the design has them at an angle in such a way that no amount of screw tightening will prevent eventual loosening.

Of course, the fact that one of the clock hands got stuck made this alarm clock a definite trash item.

So, there you have it. I wish there was a way to avoid buying something online based on fake reviews

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