If Life Becomes Unbearable Under Trump’s Insane Rule, Kim Jong Un Will Be Happy To End It

( Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash )

Though it’s unclear what he means by “It”

Ever the understanding man, Kim wants you and me to know that we needn’t suffer.

Trump’s cruel indifference in light of racist outbursts and killings as well as his senile talk of thrusting Americans into a war with North Korea are making Kim feel bad for us. “Nobody should be oppressed by a dotard,” Jong Un, purportedly, said.

While Kim recognizes that he is no angel himself, to put it mildly, he can clearly see that Trump is even worse due to sheer size, advanced age, ridiculous toupee, and an extremely large and powerful following of like-minded malevolent lunatics.

Kim Jong Un wants Americans to know that he has the destructive power to put an end to our misery quickly. Just say the word.

Kim is also asking for our donations (see bottom) to his nuclear rocket program in order to grow and improve it. The more rockets he has the faster he can make our nightmares disappear. The implication is that we are all, probably, going to die, but that it would be our preferred choice under the Teflon-Don circumstances.

Perhaps, when Trumpian “politics” take root in America and morph the country into a neo-fascist state, death may seem more appealing than living. Certainly, expiring in the quickest and least painful manner would be humane. That’s where Kim Jong Un comes in with his nuclear rockets.

He is fully aware of the irony of one despot offering “relief” by taking out another (and the population). Kim does see himself as the little evil David in this hypothetical battle with the giant orange devilish Goliath.

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