The Morbidity Of Trump’s Second Term

Blood and gore.

Donald Trump will lead a parade of white privilege as he accepts his nomination for a second term despite the vote to the contrary. The paraders will be flanked by trees full of lynched black people who demonstrated against the violation of the constitution as well as by dead bodies lying in the streets of all others who dared to object.

The members of the Democratic party will be publicly executed, and the ”blue” states will be slated for demolition by whatever means necessary including, but not limited to, bombings. Artillery will be on hand to gun down anyone trying to escape.

Industrial burning facilities will be set up throughout the country to efficiently dispose of the democratic carcasses, and those deemed useful for labor will be spared their lives and sent to the concentration camps to support the economy spurred by the destruction machine.

It will be called “the greatest liberation movement since Adolf Hitler,” and the overjoyed supporters of it will celebrate with beautiful flowers, tea parties, cakes, dancing, and praising of God.

“He means well,” they’ll say of Trump.

It goes without saying that heads will roll and blood will fill the streets on a daily basis to strike fear deep into the souls of would-be defenders of a democratic process.

Of course, this will not actually happen in November of 2020, but it may feel that way if Donald Trump is reelected.

Decades later when this all becomes history and is forgotten, future generations will repeat it with renewed viciousness while armed with modern means of butchery.

And so it will go until humankind causes itself (or its collective conscience) to become extinct.

“And who cares, really. Do you care? I mean, do you really really care? No. You care about you and those close to you. So, drop the pretense already. Why do you even bother? Is it so you can feel “good?” What’s the big deal about people dying due to systemic violence? One dead, ten dead, a thousand, a million, a hundred million – there are billions on this planet. You don’t even know these people, so go back home and eat your dinner, and, for God’s sake, shut up.

You think if you don’t stand up to ’injustice’ they will eventually come for you, too? First of all, you call it injustice, I call it justice. Secondly, they will come for you no matter what. You might as well keep it down.


But don’t worry, so long as you toe the line you will be fine.

Nothing will happen to you…

P.S. Stop acting like you have a conscience.”

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