Dropping The Pretense

Nazi Regime 2.0?

It’s painful to think it. Writing it is down right excruciating. America has always been fascist. The country tried to walk away from it, at least on paper, but only to send fascist mentality “underground.” Now, America is not even trying to hide it. Folks might even choose to have more of it by re-electing Donald Trump for a second term.

Who but a fascist would close their eyes and ears to the kind of behavior and rhetoric we saw and heard during Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign? Who but a fascist would continue to do so now?

Americans, obviously, like it.

Fascism is banal. It’s nothing grandiose, just small everyday indifferences to other humans’ feelings. It’s making lives of others disposable in our minds. In a word, dehumanization.

Fascism is easy. Everybody does it.

Armed forces such as the Police, the National Guard, and others are full of fascists seeing how it’s us ourselves. And armed. And have a license to kill. And easy does it.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump’s fascist wish becomes our command.

America might finally drop the pretense (or, political correctness, if you prefer) of not being the run-of-the-mill fascists. Let the “freedom” to be fascist ring, you might say.

Maybe, November of 2020 will become a referendum on institutionalizing fascism in America.

For such a religious country, it all makes you wonder where in this murder do we believe God fits in.

Or, did we redefine “God” to mean whatever we want it to mean? I can only hope not.

Can you please vote this out in November? Even if you believe otherwise, I am sure we can figure out how to strike a balance without turning to the dark side.

Thank you.

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