Do We Have An Understanding?

It’s not “I killed me a n—–r” anymore, it’s “I killed me a thug.”

We’ve evolved…

Ok, it’s not even about “I killed me a…” We don’t talk like that these days because we are a modern society trying to make sure our actions are presented in the best possible light. This is why we do as we always did – treat non-whites as the second rate beings – but now do it in our minds instead of openly so. We have to be politically correct.

We’ve wised up…

The lynching days are gone. The Emancipation Proclamation was signed a long time ago. “They are not slaves anymore and killing them is illegal.” We must account for this and dress up our violence every time another bad cop needlessly causes the death of a black person. We wrap our true and deadly intent in existing law, and, in accordance with our “understanding” of the spirit of that law, we afford black victims the benefit of a bullshit “justification.” So, when George Floyd dies while pleading for his life under our white knee, it’s not because we ”don’t give a damn about n—–s” as we do, but because _______ (fill in the blank with something legal-sounding).

We’ve moved on…

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