You Can Totally Fix Stupid

Become one yourself.

If you refuse to become one, there is no fixing stupid. Sorry.

On the bright side, though, stupidity will make you think you are smart, so, really, no change for you. It’s magic.

“Not many people have the necessary skills to successfully navigate personal relationships.”

That’s from the non-stupid point of view. The stupid ones, however, will argue that you don’t have the skills and you should learn from them. This, they think, is especially true if they are successful otherwise because their achievements erase all of their stupidity in their personal lives.

Speaking of achievements, not all stupid are equal – the accomplished ones think something while the rest don’t think at all. Coming from smart, the best practice is, probably, to aim for those “upper echelons” of stupid because it seems like the path of least resistance. You can work on dumbing it down later.

Should you stupidly choose to remain smart, you risk encountering passive aggression. You aggravate the stupid when you stand out, so don’t be a “party pooper.”

“If you are somehow smart in personal relationships and we aren’t, it’s your own damn fault.”

Schools don’t teach personal relationships. A lot of parents, apparently, don’t (or didn’t) either. Work, obviously, doesn’t. In fact, trying to teach the relationship-stupid is futile because they are stupid.

“At work, they may be supervisors. At home, they may need to be supervised. As a partner in life, they may be a child.”

Emotional intelligence, empathy – these are the buzzwords lately. Sounds smart. Mission accomplished as far as the stupid are concerned.

Relationship stupidity is persistent and widespread. If you can manage to walk away from it successfully, hats off to you. Otherwise, you might as well become stupid yourself. If you can’t beat them, join them, right? And that will fix stupid. At least, it will fix it from your newly acquired stupid point of view.

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