Voting Is Bad For Republicans

Which is why it’s been canceled.

Yes, voting is caput due to not working out well.

Additionally, words based on ”to vote” are banned. Thinking about such words is banned as well.

What else?

Left-leaning political inclinations are banned. Conscious liberal rushes of thought are banned. Ditto for the subconscious ones.

To make it simple, anything unpalatable to Republicans is banned.

To ensure that this new world order sticks, everything is banned.

Republicans are also banning life itself for self-preservation reasons. Pointing out the last statement’s contradiction is banned.

Any development challenging the Republican view will be shot dead on-site whether it be a wrong-shaped rock or a piece of burned toast.

To celebrate, the GOP is mulling a new party slogan. It will be something involving the word ”Rapture.”


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