Are You Dead Yet?

Here, read this.

Do you avoid driving for fear of dying in a car accident?

Based on widely available information, over 80% of healthy individuals with a balanced immune response do well when infected by the virus.

The question is whether you are a healthy individual with a balanced immune response.

Short of any real evidence to the contrary, you would, probably, be wise to assume that you are generally healthy and that your immune system response is relatively balanced.

Sans any facts, proclaiming yourself unhealthy or with an unbalanced immune response is fear talking. If you are part of the 80% population, avoiding Coronavirus is akin to not driving for fear of dying in an accident.

Instead, allow yourself to get exposed and develop immunity. You do want to try becoming immune to this virus, right? Your antibody-rich blood might even be used to try and treat the sick. Now, there is something to help you take your mind off of yourself, no?

It’s not you but the vulnerable ones you should be worried about. Practice social distancing and obey all other orders to protect those people.

Quit panicking and wiping everything around you, or buying up all of the toilet paper, or engaging in other unhinged behaviors that we’ve been witnessing.

Further reading for the self-absorbed.

To those who are actually vulnerable, infected, and fighting off Coronavirus, stay safe and speedy recovery!

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