When Coronavirus Is Over, Will We Be Over It?

Or will we self-quarantine forever?

Just to be safe, why not live in a bubble? From an alarmist’s point of view, there’s nothing safer than avoiding all contact with the outside world. Is the virus over when someone says so? How would they know? They are not the virus. Besides, there might be another virus lurking that’s just as bad or even worse. Better not come out of the shelter ever again.

Of course, you are creatures that tend to follow the herd mentality. So, when people start to trickle out into the streets and socialize, so will you. Plus, you will be required to return to work. That will be the end of the lockdown and the start of life as usual.

But the fear of death by coronavirus will persist. The ”lockdown” will continue in your heads. Maybe, you will develop unhealthy attitudes towards each other as potential disease carriers. Perhaps, you will turn on each other at the slightest indication of a sneeze. Who knows, you might even employ a medieval ”witch” test where you submerge each other’s heads in office toilets until dead to see if purplish air bubbles rise to the surface ”characteristic” of the virus. If not then you’ll clap to celebrate your coworkers’ passing of the ”evaluation.”

Nothing of the sort will ever happen, of course. You are reasonable human beings. You will quickly get back to normal. This will all be forgotten before long. Until the next deadly virus hits, that is. And then, after several rounds of this back-and-forth, you will all get desensitized to the danger of viruses altogether. A killer virus will then wipe all of you out because you won’t care anymore.

We, the alarmists, will be the sole survivors. We will continue to live in our bubbles. And we will have the last laugh. Literally, the last laugh before we die of asphyxiation inside our oxygen depleted balloons.

Nah, that won’t happen either. I am dramatizing too much. You, me, and everybody else will simply self-quarantine forever in our own wretched minds.

That’s all.

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