Am I being insensitive?

Coronavirus is no joke.

You know what else is no joke? Panic. Selfishness is even worse. America is the leading example of throwing each other “under the bus” during this virus outbreak. Toilet paper shortage due to the grabbiness of this nation’s egotists is a red, white, and blue flash of despicable behavior for the whole world to see, and some of the world to copy, apparently. We fluctuate between the horrible – opportunism – and the mental – panic.

”Screw everybody so long as I come out ahead.” (Hint: You don’t come out ahead if you screw everybody. Donald Trump, anybody?…)

”Oh, God, how will I survive if the toilet paper runs out?” (Do you need a hint?)

Can you sense the sarcasm in my tone? I am doing it deliberately. Should I not be? Some folks came out against using sarcasm or humor during this trying time due to insensitivity. These are the folks who lack sensitivity when ”pillaging” stores or straining scarce health care resources. If I understand these people correctly, insensitivity is a one-way road – if they are directing it at others, that’s ok. I once came to my mom’s defense when someone was boorish with her to which that someone told me to stop being insensitive and stay out of their private affairs with my mom. What’s next? Someone accusing me of insensitivity as I try to shield myself from their blows? Yes, that would make a ton of sense, just like me being insensitive pointing out how you are being insensitive.

While waiting for the vaccine, how about washing your hands instead of panicking or emptying store shelves? And how about a balanced approach to safety rather than the apocalyptic one? Do you think that might be better? No? Well, then there is no sensitivity for you from me. You are a contemptible person and the reason for what is happening.

This story is for those who behave quite belligerently during the COVID-19 crisis and yet accuse those like me of insensitivity to their condition. If you are balanced and considerate then, please, disregard the bite and enjoy the sarcasm.

The inspiration to write this came to me while reading Lee Serpa Azevado’s honest, a bit humorous, and a bit of a sadly-true story.

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