Bibi And Donald Don’t Like To Lose

Prepare to die.

To shorten your reading time, please allow me to succinctly explain how we are all about to give up our democracy for authoritarian rule thanks to COVID-19.

The real power is always in the hands of the armed forces. Guns make us either dead or pliable. All of us know and fear the mighty gun – the taker of life at the squeeze of a finger. Therefore, the military’s power is nearly absolute.

Because 2020 is an election year in which both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump stand to lose in a big way, absolute power is an irresistibly attractive option. Enter COVID-19 – a virus, a ”gift from God.” I don’t think, however, this is the kind of God you and I might pray to. It could be Vladimir Putin.

Bibi and Donald – the lying cheating connivers at the helm of Israel and US – ”wished” for and got ”granted” a pandemic that can cause an extraordinary circumstance giving them an opening to stay in power. We are facing a quarantine-like existence. Non-essential activities are legally banned. This can make people go ku-ku. What a perfect opportunity to introduce military forces to “keep us calm” and “ensure abidance.” Local law enforcement can’t handle such a sprawling task; hence, the military – Martial law.

Next, Bibi and Donald will announce that the elections are canceled due to the coronavirus and that they must stay on to bring us out of this pandemic. The respective countries will continue under the ”leadership” of these two highly questionable men. All that will be left for them to do is simply leave the military in place forever. This will be the start of a full-blown authoritarian rule. The birth of a dictatorship will be complete. And in this marriage of the damned, they will gladly pay the dowry for the viral groom. Putin is the ”viral groom,” the Monarch and the father of the dying and the dead.

The heads will roll. The blood will fill the streets. The bodies on pikes will line the avenues. To follow the Caligula storylines, the “Emperors” will introduce the Killing Machines for entertainment in the plazas. Those of us spared by the virus and allowed to live will be reduced to making animal noises in unison – like bhaaa – if and when prompted by our rulers.

And that’s how we will give up our democracy.


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