Coronavirus – The Russian Connection

An amusing “anecdote” for you on your way to your grave…

Donald Trump is a Russian asset, which is old news. The power behind America’s “Presidency” is in Vladimir Putin’s hands, which is a well-known fact. This is further substantiated by the pandemic currently spreading throughout the world. The very name of this virus points directly to the Russian “throne.” Let me explain. I will start by saying this – Russia is not a monarchy in fact; however, it is and always has been a monarchy in the collective conscience of the Russian people. That is to say that Russians subconsciously expect to be ruled by a Tsar and cannot consciously go on without being oppressed. Vladimir Putin is as good a modern Russian Tsar as one could expect. Putin is a monarch for all intents and purposes. Therefore, whatever Putin sits on might just as well be called a throne. Now, to take this to its logical conclusion, a crown is what you would expect anyone to wear on their head while sitting on their throne. Consulting any English-to-Russian dictionary, you will quickly find that “korona” is how you pronounce crown in Russian. Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does! It sounds like Corona as in Coronavirus!

What we’ve established here is a connection between a deadly virus, Donald Trump, and Russia. It is not a coincidence that Trump’s “Russia story” lawsuit against The New York Times has come out in the midst of this Coronavirus devastation – Vladimir Putin needs to redirect the attention away from his going viral.

Killing is how Russia applies its iron-fist rule, you see. Coronavirus is one such example. It’s a modern biological Russian weapon for wiping out non-conformist “vermin” such as you and me. Yes, the virus started in China we were told, which you might note contradicts my assertion that it’s a Russian weapon. However, if you think about it, what better way to disguise your involvement with doling out death than by having it appear to come not from Russia but from another land? Putin might kill two birds with one stone – make China take the fall for the death of the entire world. Of particular interest to Putin right now is the American society of powerful freedom-minded “rats” – Americans – undermining the world’s authoritarianism. It’s gotten bad enough over the last century or so that the American ideals have become ingrained in people’s minds around the world as some sort of a golden standard of living. The Western values should be hated, not put on the pedestal, especially so the American ones. Worse yet, America is full of its own authoritarians who are trying to subordinate the rest of the world with the mighty dollar. Ideally, Vladimir should be the only surviving autocrat. The bottom line, Putin needs America to shoot itself in the head and he needs America to focus on shooting itself in the head and not on the virus. So, as Trump said, no talking about the virus because there is no virus, and CDC is a Democratic fear-mongering machine. In fact, none of the real issues in the world are real or issues. Don’t think about any of it. Just put the gun to your head and pull the trigger. Have you heard about Trump’s lawsuit against The New York Times? It’s all about how Russia has nothing to do with anything. Now, there is news worth talking about.

“The Trump administration says the coronavirus vaccine might not be affordable for all Americans” This, my dearies, is how the axe falls. Who do you suppose will be able to afford the vaccine? Let me assure you it’s not going to be us the “rats.” Trump will make sure of it. To put it plainly, you and I are going to die. We might be furious at this attempt by Trump and his ilk to pick which one of us goes, but it’s a moot point now that we are practically dead. When Vladimir issues a “To Die” decree, Donald and the GOP go full bore. Furious or not, our time is up. Mission accomplished. Putin is happy. Trump is happy. The GOP is happy. When they are all happy, you and I are dead. Russian rule will have been successfully applied once again through mass killing and the world will continue as per usual under the thumb of its oppressors (although, as I said, a single oppressor – Vladimir – would be ideal).

Granted, this scenario may be oversimplified. We’ve had pandemics in the past that wiped out millions and, yet, here we are multiplying like rats in the land of the free propagating the damn Western values all over the damn place. A virus is not enough. That is why Bernie Sanders has been placed in the queue by Putin to continue eroding equilibrium of sanity. If Trump doesn’t do it on the far right then Sanders will on the far left. And if that doesn’t finish us off, there will be plenty of other opportunities for Vladimir to make us bite the American dust. For now, though, Coronavirus is priority number one – death-by-coronavirus kind of priority, that is. It’s been officially chosen by him – the Monarch – while sitting on his throne in “Moskva” wearing his “korona” and ordering Trump around.

Finally, if this whole Russia meddling should turn out to be nothing more than a figment of our own imagination, the result is still the same, isn’t it? Whether it’s Vladimir Putin or “Vladimir Putin,” we are all going down. It’s a win-win. Or, lose-lose.

Regardless, drop dead.

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