Don’t Get Used To It

It’s not over until it’s over.

Trump’s acquittal was no surprise. His victory laps and inflammatory rhetoric aren’t either. We all knew how the impeachment was going to end. And it is a known fact that half of this country has been radicalized, which is why Trump is in the White House, to begin with. That the Republican Party is beholden to Trump’s administration is a reflection of America today – nothing new here. But hey at least we are not witnessing the murder of political rivals or critics as in Putin’s Russia. Not yet, that is.

Even if the murders begin it won’t be over then. It will be back to the days of Martin Luther King assassination, that of JFK, open racism and fascism. Political correctness be damned. America wants revenge for years of correctness. America voted for the kill. Whether it will actually get it isn’t clear. We are getting ever closer, though. And this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone – the writing was on the wall when Trump started to lead in the polls back in 2016. Half of the voting population hates people not like them. The hateful half is now in charge. This is also happening in other countries around the world. The hate vote came out. Not a shocker, really. It is sad, but true. This country was built on the foundation of hate – the thinking that those ”not like us” are lesser humans. The murders of Native Americans, the enslaving of Black people, the inexplicably long sitting on the sidelines during Hitler’s Holocaust – we all know the history. This modern ”Trump” movement is just a long-overdue racist backlash after decades of trying to make this a better place for everyone. The ”libtards” caused this with their drive for fairness. America never liked fairness. America likes money. Money rules this land. It always did. The entire world works this way. As the leading world power, America is simply ahead of the Western world pack when it comes to money-making opportunities. Britain, Germany, and France are probably close behind. But America is the land of opportunity. That’s very different from being the land of fairness. Just examine the history of American abuse of its own people. Nothing fair about it. We know it. And trying to bring fairness to this land results in what we all see now happening in our political discourse.

I haven’t said anything here that I didn’t already say in the past. All I can do is say it again. I used to get worked up about the current politics, but it’s not helpful. Writing about it so that some of you read it is the only way to try and change people’s minds. Yes, life isn’t fair fundamentally but that doesn’t mean America should give up trying to make it less so. Punishing Latinos trying to escape their murderous countries isn’t fair. Choosing not to impeach an openly racist President for attempting to manipulate the future vote in his favor is not fair. Emboldening White supremacy is not fair. And so on. This applies to both the Republicans and the Democrats. The goal should be to strike a balance. I dislike far left just as much as I dislike far right.

Stay calm and keep on keeping on. The pendulum will swing back. This American nightmare will be over one day.

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