I Was Wrong But You Were Wronger!

Admitting something? Don’t forget to strike back!

Don’t think for a second that you will claim the higher ground. I am the king of that hill! If you try to get up here, I will give you a fistful of morals right between the eyes. So I should have done whatever that thing was, so what? You didn’t floss every night as a kid and lied about it! Hey, I am not telling you how to live your life. Stop telling me stuff. I don’t need your righteousness, you goody two shoes. You think what I did that time was a new low, do you? What about your bringing it up to my attention? Climb on the high horse much, you prick? I had my reasons. Who are you to judge me? Jesus? Here’s a turkey leg in your pasty mug, you son of a b$@&#! What? You don’t like our mother being called a b$@&#? You just can’t stop talking, can you? Do you think you are better than me, you rat?! If I reach across the table and grab you, next thing you know you’ll be riding that countdown ball in Times Square! That’ll give you two thousand and nineteen moral grounds right up your ass on the way down to the bottom, you f@&#%€£ s&$#%^•-!!

Happy New Year!!!

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