The Old World Was Done With World War One By Now

We are just a bunch of slacking contemporaries, aren’t we?

I lay the blame squarely at the feet of Millennials. Why just a few minutes ago I was reading an article explaining how half of them missed a money-making opportunity with soaring stocks. I will tell you what else they missed – an opportunity to start a World War. For God’s sake, we’ve got tyrants in place all over the globe. We have one now in these here United States of America, and he is different from the ones in this country’s past – he wants to stay in power forever by demolishing the law. He also wishes he could govern by authoritarian rule. He hasn’t quite figured out how to do it, yet. But he, probably, thinks that he will when he grows up a little in the White House. That’s like having our very own baby Hitler just waiting to pounce.

It’s almost the year 2020. Let us remind our lazy Millennials that the First World War started on July 28, 1914, and ended on November 11, 1918. 1914 was fourteen years after the turn of the twentieth century. At eighteen years past the turn, the war was over. We are now twenty (twenty!) years into the twenty-first century. No world wars have been started. Shouldn’t history be repeating itself? I don’t know what Millennials think their contribution is to our modern society. Maybe, it is to make us all late for everything. If this persists, we won’t even make it in time to repeat the atrocities of the Second World War for crying out loud.

Anti-Semitism is historically a good measure of world tensions. When anti-Semitism rises so do the tensions and vice versa. We’ve been hearing a lot about Jews lately. You can bet the world is getting ready to do some damage. Victor Orban in Hungary has been pushing racist tropes. Much of Europe really is buzzing with Jew-bashing excitement. Even America looks like it’s ready to join in the ”festivities” despite its official stand against anti-Semitism. Brazil is leaning hard right. The Philippines is practically a dictatorship. China is starting to resemble an iron-curtain-like power again. Russia is an evil empire as per usual. And what are Millennials doing? Nothing. Talk about wasting a perfect tyrant-filled opportunity.

Kim Jong Un has recently been promising America some sort of a Christmas gift. Well, Christmas has come and gone. I haven’t seen any gifts from Kim under any trees. Have you? He could have at least dropped a few nukes to get the party started. I guess his men are screwing up the plans with technological issues or whatnot. How much can the engineers accomplish in a brutal North Korean regime? Not much. If you want the most advanced planet-destroying weapons delivered on time you need to give your people the freedom to live their lives however they want. You need to let the market economy drive the country. You must let go. People must feel they are adequately compensated. War is like any business – you and your people need to be flexible, quick, decisive, well-educated, well-fed, and as happy as possible. You can check off a few of those when you run a death camp like North Korea, but that won’t make for happy. It will make for terrified. And fear causes a fight-or-flight response. No human being can last for very long in the fight-or-flight mode. Your nukes that you want so much are the very things that will be negatively affected. You can’t terrify your country into good business. Freedom is the way to go. That’s when your people will give you nukes for Christmas. America has the most advanced military machine – watch and learn.

If there was any hope of righting the World War ship when Kim was threatening something, it’s all gone now. Is he a Millennial, by the way? He is, isn’t he? Well, thanks for nothing. No matter. I am sure somebody will have the wherewithal to blow us all up. I am not sure it will be a Millennial, though. And it sure won’t be on time. Oh, well. At this point, it’s better late than never, right?

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