The Night Of The Flying Backstabbers

Save America. Kill everybody.

When young Adolf Hitler listened carefully as Donald Trump explained to him how to murder his political rivals, he sneezed. Little did he know it was a sign things would end in a bunker.

Yes, it was Donald Trump who invented the purge. No, it wasn’t Trump’s children Göring and Himmler. If you don’t believe me, ask Trump yourself.

Trump even came up with the ”long knives” moniker. Or, so he says.

Long knives are good for slicing useless pigs into strips of bacon. And Rump – Trump’s alter ego – loves bacon. I wrote about it earlier.

Anyway, Donald Trump privately told his supporters that Adolf was a loser who yelled into the microphone too much and couldn’t stay alive for more than about 11 years after the killings.

”People go underground figuratively to avoid detection. Hitler actually physically died under the ground in a bunker. How pathetic is that?”

Trump wants to show the world how to do a purge properly. And he wants to do it right here in America.

He reminded people of his old remark:

”I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters, ok? It’s like incredible”

Well, he now intends to murder everybody.

After personally killing al-Baghdadi by throwing a knife into the terrorist’s back, a light bulb went off in Donald’s mind.

He suggested that the American political extrajudicial executions should be called ”The Night Of The Flying Backstabbers.”

Everybody applauded.

Eva Braun – pardon me, Kellyanne Conway – applauded the loudest, apparently.

All Democrats along with insubordinate Republicans have, reportedly, been marked for the kill.

Ditto for anyone critical of Trump.

The time is nigh what with the impeachment proceedings and all.

The exact date is TBD.

”…courts and cabinet quickly swept aside centuries of legal prohibition against extrajudicial killings to demonstrate their loyalty to the regime…” W

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