Wars End Themselves

Watch this…


That’s me, Donald Trump, pulling American troops out of Syria. The war is over. As simple as that.

Ok, ok, there are still people at war over there. But I am not a part of it. I couldn’t care less about what happens to those other warring people. My war is over.

I said I was going to get us out of endless tribal wars, and I will.

Now, Mitch – he’s gone flappy on me. He’s a Chicken Mitch now. Chicken Mitch pecked out an opinion editorial in The Washington Post newspaper. Two things right off the bat – one, newspapers are as old school and useless as the broth made with an old Chicken Mitch and two, bald hair-loser Jeff Bezos owns that broth now.

Chicken Mitch clucked up a whole lot of nonsense in that article of his. He said, and I quote, ”…wars do not just end…,” can you believe that? They do now because I am a genius. My brain is golden, which is why my hair is uniquely gold colored. I invented a process for ending wars instantly. And it’s summed up in one word.


You think that’s betrayal? Screw you! You think it will make America vulnerable? You are a loser! America will never be safer because I am a genius.

Losers get killed, and the war is over. Kurds are losers. Turks and Syrians will kill them. Then Turks and Syrians will duke it out, and losers will die. And so on. When all losers are dead, the wars will end themselves. America has no place in these endless wars between winners and losers. We need to let the losers die and winners to emerge.

Winners will be the only ones left in the world. I am already a winner. And America will be a winner if I remain its leader. Thank God for me. And thank God that I am America’s President.

I am a genius.

’…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Friday strongly condemned the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria, calling it a “grave strategic mistake” in a blistering op-ed…’

CNN Politics via Apple News

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