Fake Media Deserves A Fake Massacre

P.S. F@$# you! Ok? -Donald Trump.

Please, allow me to explain what’s going on in our country. I will make it short. Here we go.

Half of America wants the other half dead.


Nothing new, really. Only this time, America’s President is openly and shamelessly uniting, empowering, and exploiting the one half who are blind in their own violent cause.

What’s not to understand?

There are those who would gladly take an idea of a massacre of the press to its logical conclusion and create another fake video depicting a massacre of everybody else they don’t like. This could be half the country.

It’s anybody’s guess how many skips and hops it would take to get from the fake to the real thing. There are armed and violent people all over this place ready to ”take their queue.”

In fact, I have been wondering if Trump & Co. aren’t actually trying to provoke an armed conflict. It would require a gradual degradation of civilized discourse, which is exactly what’s been happening. Throw in some vile rhetoric and some violent visuals and you’ve got the makings of a fire. Something like this might, conceivably, give Trump a chance to stay in power indefinitely to ”battle the enemies of the people.” Anyway, I will admit it’s quite a stretch.

But I will say this – it did play out kind of like that in humanity’s past. However, even though the situation may seem hopeless at times, it is still worth it to resist. If nothing else, there is always a chance that some minds will be turned toward reason by such resistance. It could prevent the worst of the history from repeating itself.

Here’s a very simple example. Someone might read this story and suddenly realize that massacres are wrong.

Source: Press organization condemns fake massacre by Trump depicted at pro-Trump event – POLITICO

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