Of Cows And Voting

The struggle continues.

What separates humans from animals? Unfortunately for some and fortunately for others, quite a bit.

For example, we are supposed to be able to make intelligent and educated choices such as voting for a President. But so many of us are animals trapped in human bodies. That’s unfortunate because it makes it difficult to vote like humans. Instead, we end up with Donald Trump.

What most beings want is to be left alone. Preferably, forever. Perhaps even left in the fields to graze like cows. Voting is not for cows.

Democracy was founded upon the principle of people casting their votes. Boy, was that a mistake. The Greeks were so naïve thinking they could let a herd of cows vote for their own government. Cows aren’t people.

Needless to say, the cows feel it’s much easier when there is no choice. Easier isn’t better, but to hell with better. Easier means less effort. And ”better” is a non-cow concept anyway. It is kind of ironic that the cows made an effort to vote for Donald Trump. Maybe, they were hoping in their cow-like wisdom that this would be the last time for the next 50 years.

If you asked the older generation from the former Soviet Union, they’d tell you how they longed for the days when Joseph Stalin was in power and they could get a shot of vodka with a delicious pickle on every corner. The twenty million or so slaughtered human beings in Gulag-like camps at the hands of Stalin would seem a distant memory if at all. That nobody had voting power back then would also appear inconsequential.

So, getting drunk on every corner was easy, it required no great decision making, it numbed the mind to atrocities of the day, it was generally a great exercise in escapism from a voteless world, and it made the beings less human and more like animals (cows, for example). And that’s what the older generation longed for.

There you have it – many beings don’t want to vote, they want a “Joseph Stalin” come hell or high water.

Let’s revert to a monarchy. Theocracy is also good. We can establish a dictatorship, too. Basically, any form of oppressive rule will do. We won’t feel any hardship, what with getting “inoculated” all the time. And to hell with voting already! We’ll call it a “new democracy.”

The ”democracy” label is very popular these days. So, that’s why we’ll use it. It is en vogue. Yes, I said ”en vogue.” Cows can throw some French at you, and dress up, and put on lipstick, and look all spiffy. Just because I am a cow doesn’t mean I can’t look like a human. So, don’t even think about pulling a homo sapiens on me.

The bottom line is this – give us a shot of anything (vodka) with a delicious something to go along with it (pickle). That’s all we want. But if you don’t give it to us that’s ok, too. Just leave us alone in our ”grassy fields.” Choice be gone.

Fortunately, there are still enough human beings around voting to restore human quality to human life. That’s only fortunate for them. The cows aren’t happy…

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