Stephen Miller Is Said To Be Livid Over Refusal To Carry Out His Order

Two Stephens divided against each other cannot stand!

The invasion of Miller’s fascist thought domain is subject to severe consequences. Nobody is allowed to come up with catchy statements highlighting Trump administration’s Nazi-like rhetoric and actions. Brilliant statements are a particularly egregious infringement.

Those who dare to do so will be faced with retaliatory action commensurate with the crime’s severity. It is a tit-for-tat, a quid pro quo, a severance-for-severity – i.e., beheading.

Besting Stephen Miller at his own game is a losing proposition. A head losing proposition, that is.

Stephen Miller was observed in a dark hallway somewhere within the White House repeatedly stabbing a piece of paper. It appeared to be an executive sized sheet with an execution order written on it. Irate Miller was stabbing it with a fountain pen.

Lackeys refused to carry out the order citing the illegality of murder.

Stephen Miller was enraged by the existence of the law and by the fact that lackeys were aware of it. He yelled that he knows best what’s good for this country.

And what was good for this country was an old-fashioned beheading.

There are two Stephens. Two heads each belonging to an individual named Stephen. And both Stephens possess superlative language skills. Not only is it a threat to Miller’s paper-marking depravity, but it also is a source of great confusion. Stephen could steal Stephen’s spotlight. Or, one Stephen could conceivably come up with something that might erroneously be ascribed to another Stephen.

Stephen could really screw Stephen.

Specifically, Miller is said to be livid that he didn’t think of armbands first. It is this creation of Stephen King that got Stephen Miller furious. And it caused Miller’s head to develop an inferiority complex.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

“There will not be two Stephens competing for fascist metaphors!”

Hence, an execution order was quickly issued that read:

“Off with his head!!!”

Alas, it was not to be.

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