Is There A “Copy-Paste” Option For Making Decisions?

No. There is no “copy-paste” decision making.

Would you jump off the roof of a tall building because someone else did?


Say someone made a business decision. Would you repeat it?

Probably, not.

Here’s why I don’t think anyone in their right mind would ever just “copy-paste” other people’s decisions.

First of all, to copy-paste someone else’s decision is a decision in and of itself. That means I thought about it, if only for a split second. It’s a horrible decision, but a decision nonetheless. So, this alone makes it less of a copy-paste because I added to it the split second of stupidity that was entirely my own.

Secondly, to blindly repeat whatever someone else did is like doing it without thinking. I can’t imagine anything good coming out of it. And I should know because I’ve tried it.

Thirdly, there’s rarely, if ever, a business situation that is exactly the same as before. So, there cannot be a business decision that is exactly the same as before. That means copy-paste could not possibly be an option.

Fourthly, even if a mindless copy-paste seems good enough at first, it’s likely to be a copy-paste of someone’s bad decision. That’s usually the case. And I am unaware because I am not thinking, I am just copy-pasting. There is such a thing as repeating someone else’s mistakes. You wouldn’t want to do that, would you?

In conclusion, thinking is a prerequisite. No way around it. Gotta make our own decisions.

If I have a consistent problem with making my own decisions or end up making mostly bad ones then it may be time for me to find a mentor or a therapist.

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