Kim Needed An Out, And Donald Gave It To Him

( Photo by Patryk Grądys | via Unsplash )

Being a despot is not easy

Whom can you trust? That’s what’s on Kim Jong Un’s mind more than anything else. And leaving North Korea for an extended period of time for talks with Donald is risky business. There are some bad apples in North Korea who would love nothing more than to end the autocratic rule in Kim’s absence.

Hence, Kim fired a couple of hostile salvos at South Korea and the US as a potential deal-breaker, and it worked!

Kim now has Donald’s signed letter canceling their talks in Singapore, Kim gets to blame Donald, Kim gets to stay in North Korea and murder freedom dreamers, and Kim can once again give the adorable nuclear rockets his undivided attention.

Kim Jong Un has long been known to take extreme measures designed to maintain his hold on power in North Korea. He is said to be most fearful of losing that power in diplomatic talks with the US.

Source: Kim Jong Un said to worry of North Korea coup during Trump summit – Business Insider

The preceding was satire. Here’s more in my satire section. Thank you for reading!

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