There Is No Justice, Only Attempts At It

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Are we naïve fools to demand justice?

One of the old Frasier episodes on TV had a character in it say something along the lines of “…if you find justice, do let me know…” We all know that justice is a relative term.

While reading the article linked to below, I got reminded by that truism, only in real life this time. Here’s the quote:

“It’s all too common to see big copyright holders, such as Disney, asserting rights far beyond their true scope, which are then not contested by individuals who lack the same legal budget and endurance.”

Try as we might here in America to afford individual rights, the best we can muster is due process of the law. And that’s only if the individuals can afford it.

Mostly, no justice for you. Or me.

Although, I would still seek justice just so we don’t set the wrong precedent.

A Fine mess: how not to assert your copyright in the YouTube age

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