A Cheesaster Currently Underway Is Quickly Approaching The Scale Of A Cacheestrophy

( Sad cheeseboard | by Sergey Bloom )

If we don’t do something soon, there may not be cheese

What will there be instead?

Reading the definition of “cheese” reveals that it’s a product of coagulating the milk protein casein. So, perhaps, “coaguleese” will be what we call this stuff.

As Wall Street Journal reports, there is already a “Sartiago” and “Sarmesan.” And this is all due to the European Union and its cheese naming rights.

Could our orange-headed President have something to do with this? If yes then color me not surprised.

The preceding was, mostly, satire. I love your comments – please, feel free to comment below. And here is more reading in my Satire section. Thank you!

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